The Verge: The Furbo lets you spoil your pup remotely
May 09, 2016
Source: The Verge

Dogs, though seemingly content hanging alone, evolved to become man's best friends. And us humans, we often have to live life without our pets, like when we're at work or at the coffee shop with a strict no-dog policy. (This doesn't apply on the subway.) So Tomofun, a Seattle-based company, is launching the Furbo, an interactive camera, lets owners watch their dogs doing their dog thing throughout the day. (Yes, it has night vision, too.) The accompanying iOS and Android app sends owners push notifications when their dog starts barking, so they can try to soothe their pup through Furbo's two-way audio. The best feature, though, is Furbo's "treat popping system," which lets owners toss their dog treats throughout the day. Here's the treat machine in action:

Look at that lil guy's confusion, being all disrupted from rolling around on the carpet, and then look at his satisfaction post-treat! Now if only there were a machine that let our dogs throw us cookies throughout the day. 

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