CNBC: Must-have gifts for your pets this holiday season
Nov 17, 2016

Source: CNBC

 Dog during christmas, holiday pet

As you put together your holiday shopping lists for friends, family and significant others, don't forget the ones who are truly there for you through thick and thin: your pets.

America, as a country, loves to indulge its animals. Last year the nation spent $60.28 billion on their pets. This year that number's expected to jump to $62.75 billion. While most of that, admittedly, goes for food and health care, there's still plenty being spent on treats and presents for our pets.

The American Pet Products Association reports there are 85.8 million cats being kept as pets in the United States and 77.8 million dogs. (Freshwater fish are the most popular pet, though, with 95.5 million swimming around in our homes.) All totaled, 65 percent of U.S. households own a pet. And this holiday season, more than 50 percent of dog owners and 38 percent of cat owners plan to buy their pets gifts, says the group.

If you're one of those people, here are a few items they might enjoy.

Keeping an eye on your furry friend

Price: $249

Furbo, pet feeder
Source: Tomofun
Furbo, pet feeder

Some pet owners can't bear to be separated from their fur children during the day but may not work in a pet-friendly environment. Furbo lets you keep an eye on the animals —whether it's day or night — and chat with them via a two-way microphone/speaker combo.

That microphone also will send you an alert if your dog starts barking. And to ensure your pet remains loyal, you can also toss them a treat via the device when you get the urge.

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