Huffington Post: Holiday Gift Guide For The Traveling Woman
Nov 17, 2016

Source: Huffington Post

On my travels, I’ve learned about necessary and unnecessary items. Too many times I’ve had to squish everything in one bag leading to me either paying for the extra weight of an overstuffed bag or my arm falling off because it’s just too heavy to carry.

However, you can eliminate unnecessary things if you’re gifted with the right items to help make your travels less of a struggle! Below are a few items to gift the girl who loves to travel.


For any girl who has anxiety about leaving their little puppy behind on their travels, this is the answer. Furbo is the treat-shooting dog camera & connected app that lets dog-parents see, soothe, stream video, and SHOOT treats out at their dog remote from their smartphone. Check in on your little pup while relaxing on the beaches of Mexico and know that your fur baby is in good hands!

Price: $249 USD (available online at Furbo.com and through Amazon & Amazon Prime)

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