Why We Love Pet Camera (And You Should, Too!)
May 01, 2017

Everyone who’s ever had a dog knows that it’s like having a child. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re always wondering what’s your precious pet doing back home. We even go as far as saying that using the word pet is undermining – it’s more like having a family member.

Although it’s the only thing you actually want, spending the whole day with your pet isn’t possible. Other important things keep popping up in your schedule, like your work and social life. And you can’t somehow suppress that guilty feeling when thinking about how incredibly happy your dog is every time you come back home.

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Well, the thing is that you can’t really give up your adult life and the responsibilities that come with it and giving your pet up for an adoption isn’t an option. However, there’s a way to spend more time with your lovely creature and still get everything done – a dog camera in your home.

Peace of Mind


It’s not necessary to be paranoid in order to play out various scenarios in your mind, how your pet is all alone at home and how something terrible is going to happen to them. This is just a healthy parental instinct and you can’t do anything about it, and you shouldn’t neither.

But, you can always make sure that your baby is safe and sound – all you have to do is get your smartphone, open your app, and calm your conscience by taking a look at what your dog is doing in real time and in full HD. It doesn’t really matter what time of day it is, because Furbo camera comes with night vision and it has a 120-degree wide angle, so if you’re on a business trip, or away for some other reason, you can check whether your dog is safe.

Play Together


Although this first part is quite satisfactory and it’s very suiting to know what your pet is up to anytime you wish, I know it somehow isn’t enough, because you’d like to actually interact with them. With this in mind, Furbo team decided to implement a two-way audio system to the camera, so that you can actually call your dog and comfort them with your voice.

But, how will your baby understand that they’re being a good boy without you giving them a treat for it? This is a Furbo feature we know every pet owner will adore – remote treat tossing. By accessing your app, you can award your pet with a treat that will be launched out of Furbo on your command. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Barking Alarm

Unfortunately, dogs can’t talk and a device that translates their barking hasn’t been invented yet – I know we’re all anxiously waiting for this unbelievably necessary piece of technology. With this in mind, the team wanted to get a bit closer to this dream of every pet owner in the world, so they came up with the barking alarm concept.

Whenever your dog has something to say and it starts barking, your smartphone app will receive a notification and you’ll be aware of it. After that, you can simply access the camera and check to see if there are any disturbances.

Cuteness Overload Footage


A great perk that comes with Furbo is having incredible amounts of video footage of your pet being their adorable self. Other than having a private library, you can turn your dog into an online star and share videos which are, in three words, pure cuteness overload.

The Secret Life of Pets


I bet you wondered at least once in your life how your pet spends their free time and having a pet camera is a great opportunity to do exactly this. You probably tried to explain to one of your friends who don’t have a pet of their own how every dog has a unique personality – they can be cheerful or grumpy, interested or indifferent – just like us humans.

Well, now you can actually see firsthand how your dog actually enjoys a free apartment and whether or not they have parties or adventures – like in the Secret Life of Pets, which is a movie you should definitely catch if you haven’t had a chance up until now.

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Reason to Get a Pet


Many busy people who have an honest desire to adopt a pet and create a loving a welcoming family never really do because they don’t have enough time to invest in their work. Having a pet is a great responsibility and it’s quite necessary to dedicate yourself to training them when they are young so that you can both be happy later on.

With Furbo pet camera, your puppy will respond to the sound of your voice, and you can remind them of a few tricks every now and then and thus establish a consistency in terms of discipline.

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You’ll Never Miss Your Pet Again


This is the first thing we brought up as “problematic” which is why I saved it for last. With Furbo, you will never miss your pet again because you can check up on them whenever you feel like it, or see if they are alright whenever your smartphone receives a barking alarm. Although it’s not completely impossible to get rid of that guilty feeling for not being physically present, I’m sure your pet and you will feel a lot more connected with this smart little device.

It was about time dogs and their humans finally benefit from technology, and I think you’ll agree with us when we say that Furbo will make your work days and going to trips without your pet a lot easier to deal with. So, make wonderful memories and spend a lot more quality time together with Furbo.

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