5 Reasons Every Dog Needs a Furbo Dog Camera
Apr 25, 2017

Most pet parents would stay home with their dogs all day if they could, but duty calls and you must go to work. While you’re away from home, you want to know that your dog is safe and that he is happy. Unless you hire a dog sitter to stay with your dog all day, however, you can’t really know that either of these things is true – unless you purchase a dog monitoring camera.

Furbo dog camera is one of the top dog video cameras on the market and, more than that, it is an interactive pet camera. Not only can you keep tabs on your dog while you’re away, but you can actually see and speak to him whenever you like. With Furbo, you’ll never have to guess at what your dog is doing while you’re away and he’ll never have to feel like he is home alone. 

5 Reasons Every Dog Needs a Furbo

furbo-bulldogs smiling

Dog owners love Furbo, but so do their dogs! Furbo has many wonderful features to offer but here are the top five reasons why every dog needs a Furbo:

1. I can talk to my mom anytime I want.


Furbo has a two-way audio feature so I can hear my mom and she can hear me! The camera also has video capability so my mom can see how hard my tail is wagging when I hear her voice. I always know when Mom is watching because the indicator light on the Furbo turns from yellow to blue – that means she’s opened the app and is ready to talk!

2. I get yummy treats all the time.

    Pomeranian licking tongue-furbo

    I love making my mom happy, especially when it means I get tasty treats! With Furbo wifi pet camera, my mom can give me commands and see what a good boy I am when I follow them. When I make Mom happy she sends me tasty treats, so I always aim to please!

    3. I can play with Mom even when she’s not home.

      Sometimes I get bored and lonely when my mom is away from home, even though I know she will always come back. My Furbo lets me talk to my mom anytime I want and she can use the treat-tossing feature to reward me for my good behavior. I get so excited when my mom opens Furbo app because it means I get to play with her!

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      4. I can tell my mom when something is wrong.

      Corgi barking

      With the Barking Alert function on my Furbo, I can tell my mom when something is wrong - like when that squirrel trespasses in my yard or another dog walks by without greeting me. All I have to do is bark and my mom gets a notification on her smartphone so she can open Furbo app and see what’s happening. I like knowing that if something happens when Mom isn’t home that she’ll still be able to look in on me and comfort me if I get scared or lonely. It makes being home without my mom a little bit easier for me.

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      5. I can take great pictures and become internet famous!

      Corgi smiling

      Not only does my Furbo allow my mom to see live-streaming video of me when she’s not at home, but she can take pictures too! I love performing tricks and I love it even more when my mom captures them on film. She knows I’m the cutest dog ever and, once she posts the pictures she takes with my Furbo, the rest of the world will know it too!

      With Furbo wifi pet camera, your dog never has to be alone – even when he is home by himself. Through Furbo, you can view live-streaming video, engage in a two-way chat, take pictures and toss your dog some tasty treats, all by using your smartphone! Never again will you have to worry about how your dog is doing on his own and your dog will never feel truly alone.

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      Benefits of Furbo for Dog Owners


      Though Furbo is sold to humans, it is designed for dogs. It is a smart, interactive pet camera that lets you see, talk to, and play with your dog from any location using your smartphone. The main benefit of having a dog monitoring camera like Furbo is, of course, to keep an eye on your pup when you are not at home. You can view live-streaming video of your dog and take high-quality photos to post to your social media accounts. Using the two-way audio feature, you can hear and speak to your dog – you can even engage in remote training sessions! When you want to reward your dog, use the treat-tossing feature simply by tapping a button on your smartphone and engage the clicking sound feature to help your dog learn new tricks more quickly.

      In addition to keeping you and your dog connected, Furbo also helps you keep your dog safe. The Barking Alert function sends an alert straight to your phone when you dog barks so you can activate the camera to see what is happening at home. If your dog is stressed or lonely, you can soothe him with calming words or toss a few treats his way to distract him from his distress. With the Furbo pet camera, you are always just the tap of a button away so your dog is never truly alone.

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