Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Furbo Dog Camera is a great solution if you’re looking for a two-way Wi-Fi pet camera. Unlike a traditional pet Wi-Fi camera, Furbo is packed with features designed to help you keep your dog safer and more at-ease even when you’re not at home.
2-Way Pet Wi-Fi Camera

When you get a pet camera with Wi-Fi capability, you can plug it into your home network and use it to monitor your dog. Furbo goes further than that, however, by letting you truly communicate with your pet.

When you go into the app, a light on Furbo lights up to let your dog know you’re listening. You can also hear your dog and reply to them by voice. Use his or her name, heap praise on them and let them know you’ll be home soon. A dog may not be able to speak English, but hearing your voice can help them stop barking and reassure them while also strengthening your bond, even when you’re not home.

Reward Your Dog

A Wi-Fi pet treat dispenser is a great way to offer rewards no matter where you are. Furbo has a treat dispenser you can load up before you leave home. While you’re talking or looking at your dog using the app, you can fire out one of these treats as a special reward.

Dog lovers are busy people and Furbo lets you connect with your dog by using your phone. You can make sure your furry family member is safe and can even offer a word of praise.

If you’re training your dog, this reward system can be a great way to ensure training stays consistent. Imagine being able to say “sit” or “roll over” and being able to give a treat when your furry friend gets the command right! Since it’s a Wi-Fi pet monitor with a treat dispenser, Furbo can help you teach your dog these and other commands.

Furbo wifi pet camera with bull dog
Play With Your Dog

One of the things many dog lovers lament is all the opportunities they miss to play with their favorite non-human friend while they’re out or at work. With Furbo, it’s not as much of a problem. You can call your dog, talk to them and listen to their response. You can also fire out a treat for them to catch.

If you have a fun time playing with your dog via Furbo, you can even use the free app to record video or take photos of your dog having fun and playing. Share instantly on your social media or keep playing!

Order Now

You love your dog, so of course you want the best Wi-Fi pet camera on the market. A Wi-Fi dog camera with treat dispenser lets you monitor your furbaby to keep him or her safe, lets you play, lets you continue training and brings you peace of mind.

If you want powerful features developed by dog lovers and experts, order Furbo. Furbo makes it easy to order a system, ask questions and get support when you need it. Right now, when you order, you get a one-year warranty and free shipping so you can worry about your non-human buddy a little less. Order today and start spending quality time with your dog even when you’re not home.

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