The Dog Camera for Home

The Dog Camera for Home

Furbo Dog Camera is the solution for you if you've been looking for a dog camera for your home. Packed with features and designed with input from experts as well as dog lovers, Furbo is designed to reflect what dog lovers need and how dogs communicate.
Monitor 24/7

No matter how much you love your furry baby, you can't be at home around the clock. A camera for dogs at home lets you keep tabs on your dog when you’re away.

Furbo goes beyond other pet cameras for home by letting you truly monitor your home and your pet around the clock. With HD vision and night vision technology, it doesn't matter what the lighting scheme is. Furbo is long-lasting and durable and allows you to keep an eye on your dog, no matter what. The app is always close at hand and Furbo is always available through your home’s internet network, so as long as your internet at home is running, you have a way of communicating with your dog.

Our Mobile App Lets You Monitor From Anywhere

It’s not enough to have a camera to watch your dog at home. If your home dog camera isn't available to you when you're on-the-go, how will you know there's an emergency you need to get back home for?

Furbo has a free online app that lets you monitor your dog from anywhere. Whether you're running errands, you’re across town or you’re at work for the day, Furbo lets you access your home camera for your dogs from your cell phone. Available for both Apple and Android phones, the free app lets you get the most out of Furbo. With the swipe of a screen, you can check in on your furry family member.

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watch your pet from your phone
Attract Your Dog

If you purchased a camera to watch your pets at home, how can you be sure you'll see your pets when you sign on to the camera feed? With most cameras, if you want to watch your pet at home, you have to wait until your dog wanders by the camera.

Furbo addresses this problem by allowing you to dispense treats, pretty much guaranteeing your dog will come running. Furbo also lets you call your dog by name and has lights your dog can see, ensuring your dog approaches the camera to interact with you so you can see for yourself that they’re doing okay.

Two-Way Communication

If you want to watch your pets from work, you want to do more than just watch from your phone. You want to really “be there” and be able to respond appropriately if there's a problem or an emergency. Furbo lets you do this with two-way communication. Furbo lets you see and hear what your dog is doing, but also allows you to talk to your pet and even dispense treats, ensuring your dog knows you care about them.

Two-way communication allows you to strengthen your bond with your dog and even allows you to take part in training. You can issue commands over the voice feature and toss treats as a reward.

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Barking Alert

With Furbo, bark alerts let you know with an instant message as soon as your dog starts to bark. You never again have to worry that your dog is whining, crying or barking without you. With Furbo, noise cancellation technology ensures you get fewer false alerts and are always notified when your dog starts to make noise. With the alert and two-way communication, you can dispense treats or reassure your dog with your voice, helping you avoid conflict with neighbors and ensuring your dog doesn't suffer needlessly.

Furbo is available right now. If you've always wanted to take excellent care of your fur baby and spoil them a little bit more, order Furbo today.

Always be together, even when you're miles apart.
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