Dog Camera With Night Vision

Dog Camera With Night Vision

If you’re looking for a dog camera with night vision, Furbo Dog Camera has the quality optics and the feature-rich technology you may be looking for. Furbo offers HD vision, night vision and other features that allow you to take care of your dog and interact with him or her more effectively.
dog cameras with night vision
HD Vision

In addition to a dog cam with night vision, you also may want high-quality visibility during the day. Furbo has HD vision, allowing you to see every detail of your dog with crystal clarity. In different lighting conditions, you can see all of the little details and appreciate your furry baby that much more. Bright, crisp color and vision also allow you to notice any potential problems and address them.

HD vision also means clearer pictures and video if you choose to take them from your phone. No more fuzzy and blurry images that don’t allow you to see what’s happening.

Night Vision

Furbo is the first dog camera with infrared LED night vision, allowing you to see your furry family member no matter the time of day. A pet cam with night vision allows you to see your dog regardless of the lighting conditions. A pet camera with night vision is ideal if you travel often and want to be able to check in on your dog without having to wake up in the middle of the night in a different time zone.

A night vision pet cam can even be useful when you’re at home. If you are upstairs and don't want to check to see what your dog is doing downstairs, Furbo is a great way to check without getting up. If your dog spends the night in a kennel and you don't want to have to disrupt his or her night by going to see them, you can discreetly check to see what your dog is up to with Furbo.

night vision pet cam
Monitor Your Dog Around the Clock

Night vision allows Furbo to be a powerful resource for any dog lover. With Furbo, you can monitor your dog at any time and in any place. With the free app and high-quality optics, you never have to worry what your dog is up to. Furbo even allows you to dispense treats and to call your dog with two-way voice technology. This ensures your dog comes running when you need them to, so you can see them in front of the camera for yourself.

Furbo lasts and lasts, so you never have to worry the camera will short out. As long as your home internet works, you can keep an eye on your furry family member.

Take Photos and Video

Furbo also lets you take videos and photos of your dog so you never have to worry about missing an amazing moment when your dog sees a treat, reacts to the dispenser or hears your voice on the camera for the first time. You can even share video and photos with your social media followers with the swipe of the screen with the free Furbo app for Android and Apple users.

Your dog already enriches your life in so many ways, and Furbo gives you a chance to give back and to offer your dog comfort when you're away. It lets you keep training while you're not at home and offer constant monitoring to keep your dog safe at all times. Order Furbo to do more with your dog, even when you can't be there.

Always be together, even when you're miles apart.
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