New Puppy Checklist! 10 Must-Haves for Your New Puppy
May 11, 2017

You have decided that it was time to get a new puppy. You’ve been looking at puppies for a while now and have finally made your choice; the little black fluffy one with the soulful eyes. But before you bring him home, you should to be prepared. You’ll need numerous items to make him feel at home, check out the must-have supplies for your new puppy:

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dog with collar

The purpose of a collar, whether it’s a fancy one with studs or a plain blue one, is to hold his license and your identification information if he gets lost. In addition, the collar needs to fit snug, two fingers should be able to slide between the collar and your puppies neck. As your puppy matures, you will end up buying several collars until he’s fully grown. Also, don’t put ID’s on training chokers. When you tighten the leash, you can badly cut him if you do.



The leash is the next purchase that you’ll be buying, and that attaches to the collar when you walk him. With a leash, when his feet hit the ground outside of the home, he won’t get away from you. So, the leash that you choose is used for control during walks or obedience training. The leash needs to be well made and strong with a loop at the end for gripping. Your puppy will only need a short leash at first and then a longer one when he goes to obedience training.


To keep your new puppy out of trouble, you will need a crate or pen, so that you can housetrain him and monitor his activities. When you’re looking over the crates or carrier, make sure that he has enough room to lie down, stand up and stretch and turn around easily. Dogs enjoy having a den like space to be comfortable in too, but don’t make it too roomy. Make sure that the containment device has a divider also so that you can adapt the amount of room in the crate as he grows.

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Your puppy should have a space to call his own. Measure the size of your pup and choose a bed that is big enough even when he's stretching out. You can place the bed in the crate when you’re not at home with him additionally. Then, after he is housetrained, he can move up to a bigger dog bed. Make sure you check the cleaning instruction before you purchase. 

Dog Camera

Once he’s housetrained and on his own while you’re away from home, you can ease your worries about him with a dog camera like Furbo Dog Camera. You’ll be able to work those odd shifts and still can check and see how he’s doing. You can see when he’s asleep, chewing on his toys or just relaxing. A dog camera can give you peace of mind and some even allow us to train your pup remotely.

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Food and water bowls are also necessities for your puppy. There are quite a variety of these from ceramic, to steel, to plastic to choose from. Plastic bowls for food and water are the least expensive. Ceramic bowls are heavier so that they’re harder to tip over, but stainless steel bowls, which are the most expensive are also the most durable and sanitary.


Your puppy will have a big demand for calories as he’s growing and different nutrition needs than an adult dog. There are special kinds of food formulated for puppies such as Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for Puppy. Whole Dog Journal is a good resource for you to see all the expert-approved dog food and the nutrition breakdowns. 

Grooming Supplies

Start grooming your pup when he’s young, so you won’t have issues when he’s older and you try to brush him. Get him used to having his feet handled, toe nails trimmed, teeth brushed with a proper dog tooth brush and paste and ears cleaned. That way you won’t be wrestling with him as a full-grown dog when it’s time to trim his nails.



He’ll also need to have toys to entertain him and to chew on when teething. If he has something that he’s allowed to chew, he won’t be chewing up your slippers or couch. You need to buy durable strong and well-made toys which are made for his size such as Kong Puppy . The squeaky toys should never be given to him also unless he’s supervised. The squeaker can be torn out and swallowed.

ID Microchip


The most important things that you can do for your puppy is to have an identification microchip implanted in your puppy. This way if he gets lost, the information can be read on a scanner and he can be traced back to you. An tracker collar such as Whistle tag can be used also. It not only gives you the location of your pup, but also the activity log of your pup.

It’s exciting to have a new puppy, and a little worrisome too. However, knowing you have bought everything your puppy needs, can bring you a sign of relief so you can enjoy the little guy you brought home.

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